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Meet Pierre & Cecile

It wasn't difficult to decide on our very first project in April for By Discovery's Zoom Room. Our idea was to fill the void created by social distancing, and we quickly arrived at making "pocket pals" or "study buddies". We designed a no-sew method, folding a piece of an old sweater into a sock and using a 2nd contrasting sock to enclose the "open" end. Not only did this method hold the "sweater stuffing" in place, but it also created a black shirt for Pierre. Fingers from knit gloves created his arms. And Pierre's cap was easy: the toe of this striped ankle sock was navy blue. Cecile, Pierre's side kick, came to life using repurposed scraps of fabric, leather & craft wire!

Students enjoyed creating facial features on their pals by gluing on buttons, yarn, pipe cleaners, scraps of paper & fabric. Above are some super examples of their pocket pals, sidekicks and the hideouts they created in the following session. These hideouts are important positive spaces, looking forward to the time when we will be reunited with our friends once again...

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