By Discovery: Our Mission

We offer elementary school children opportunities for exploration and growth through creative project-based learning in art. 

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By Discovery: Our Philosophy

Through student-centered and process-based projects and activities, students learn by doing and make discoveries along the way. Multiple points of view are valued and we emphasize that there are numerous ways to solve a given problem or to approach a task.

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After School Art Enrichment

By Discovery Philosophy, in Detail:

We believe in student-centered and process based activities that give children the opportunity to explore and problem solve at their own pace.


We believe children should have the opportunity to work collaboratively and across grade levels to be successful in a world in which multiple points of view exist and negotiation skills are key.


We believe exposure to nature and modeling respect for nature will encourage children to embrace and protect the natural world.


We believe that children should be given the opportunity to share and make discoveries outside of the school and within the community of which they are a part through exhibitions and workshops.


Finally, we believe in educating the whole child to support, challenge and engage learners in a safe and healthy environment.

By Discovery: Our Inspiration

We are inspired by children’s inquisitive and imaginative nature and nurture these attributes in all that we do!

By Discovery Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed with a strong focus on the arts and is organized by weekly themes. The very nature of art can propel, foster and engage us in topics that are far reaching, including service, nature, the environment, and historically and culturally important figures, in addition to artists of the past and present.

  • encourage curiosity and creativity

  • provide insights into the natural world

  • foster resourcefulness

  • help our children become independent thinkers

Our Curriculum is Designed to:

Our program is structured with an understanding that children, following a lengthy day at school, need to decompress, recharge with a snack and engage in self-directed play or activities meaningful to the child before they jump into our project for the day.

Program Structure:

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Safety First!

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Safety is a most important priority in By Discovery. Safety considerations, both physical and emotional, guide all of our interactions and activities: from how students enter the classroom and engage with each other, to how we work with materials and navigate on the playground, to behaviors and choices made throughout the afternoon.

Covid-safety measures are a top priority and we will closely follow all CDC protocols that may continue into the 2022/23 school year. These may include: wearing a well fitted mask, maintaining 6 ft social distancing, and washing and sanitizing hands as needed.


Also, PLEASE NOTE: Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, programming is conditional: D97 must maintain its regular M-F full day schedule, 8am to 3pm, for By Discovery's After School Art Enrichment program to take place.


By Discovery has you covered! We follow the Oak Park District 97 school calendar and we are open every full day school is in session, from dismissal through 6pm. To learn more about our programs at Beye and Lincoln elementary schools and to register, please click the green button below.

Summer Adventures Camp

Imaginative... Playful... Skill Building!

OUR SUMMER ADVENTURES CAMP is inspired by artists both past and present; the natural world; and our own experiences, interests and dreams.


Through painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, and fiber/textile art, children will develop their skills and imagination, to produce innovative works of art.


Morning Session only, 9am - 12pm
Afternoon Session only, 1pm - 4pm
Morning + Afternoon Sessions, 9am - 4pm

Summer Adventures Camp is facilitated by Jocelyne Adkins, Program Director and Stacey Grieff, Co-Lead Educator. Please visit "our team" page to learn more about us!