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On A Moon Bright, Starry Night...

By Discovery yearned for opportunities to connect the community and to spark joy during the pandemic. How could we "create" together, while apart, and minimize screen time or avoid screens altogether?

Inspired by the magical, surreal and artful public performances of Chicago's former RedMoon Theater and the unlimited creative potential of our community, the "Moon Bright, Starry Night" Community Art Project was born.

Within this starlit scene of frosty branches emerging from snow sprinkled rooftops, a story is poised to unfold. A gathering of moths, ethereal and mysterious will help to tell the tale. Why have they gathered? What is about to take place? 

By Discovery welcomes you to become a part of this imaginative story by creating a moth that represents you! Your moth will perch on a branch and look up to the sky at a sight that will lift hearts and open minds!

There are 3 moth kits to select from. Each kit contains a distinct moth shape with materials to design your moth as you envision it. Participants may create their moth independently or join By Discovery, LLC on a scheduled Zoom, Feb 27th or Mar 6th, from 10 - 11:30am.


A blank journal is included in each kit to create your version of this unfolding story! Additional details are provided below.




Moth Kits are $25 each, however we want everyone who would like to participate to do so! Should the cost of the kit ​be more than your budget allows, please place a complimentary order at checkout (follow the same steps as a standard purchase) and we will provide the Moth Kit free of charge, while supplies last : ) 


Moth kits will be delivered to participating local families in Oak Park and in the surrounding communities. By Discovery will pick-up completed moths on Sunday, February 28th (preferred) and Sunday, March 7 to be included in the "Moon Bright, Starry Night" Community Art Project.


The exhibition date is scheduled for March 10th through April 10th at 40 West Lake Street, Oak Park. To order a moth kit, please click the green button below. Kits will be delivered within 2 days of order placement.








THERESA JURGUS, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Baird and Warner &

OAK PARK APARTMENTS for their generous use of the space at 40 W. Lake St


Community Support Starts Here

Artists have a long history of utilizing their skills to aid others. By Discovery, LLC has embraced this tradition over the years by offering free workshops in local elementary schools, sharing supplies and resources, and funding scholarships for those in need.

Postcards to Support Student Scholarships

Artist and colleague Kim Becker was eager to contribute her time and artistic skills to help others during the pandemic. Kim's five original "Forest Friends" illustrations are part of a postcard set, available for purchase by clicking the button below.

100% of your purchase will be dedicated to our By Discovery, LLC student scholarship fund, in support of those with financial need. Thank you!

"Forest Friends" Postcard Set by Kim Becker

Don't be out-foxed!

I know, I hare you...

Need a bear hug?

You're a deer!

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