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 We are passionate about supporting children's growth through the visual arts.



Jocelyne Adkins is the Program Director and one of Two Lead Educators for By Discovery. Jocelyne founded By Discovery at Beye School in 2011 to offer students creative, project-based learning in art and nature-based science. She loves working with children and is inspired by their enthusiasm, creativity and endless knowledge. Jocelyne holds a Master of Arts in Art Education degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Saint Mary's College in Indiana. She has 22 years of teaching experience, including preschool through college levels. She loves spending time with family and their dog Luna, exploring nature and creative endeavors. She looks forward to facilitating spectacular creative projects with By Discovery students!



Stacey Grieff has a background in the Arts and in Early Childhood Education. Through her work as a fine art portrait photographer, she discovered a natural ability for connecting with children and a desire to work with them in more impactful ways. Stacey earned her master’s in Early Childhood Education from The Erikson Institute. Here she gained a deep knowledge of child development and research-based instructional practices. Stacey holds a Professional Educator’s License with endorsements in both Special Education and English as a Second Language. She was fortunate to grow up in a family of artists and craftsmen and knows how creating something with your hands can build confidence, expand problem solving skills and fills one’s heart with joy. She believes all children benefit from creative experiences and is excited to create with your children!

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Sam Travis is an artist inspired by the natural and built environment and sees her art practice as a way to be more present and curious of her surroundings. She recently received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and loved their interdisciplinary program which allowed for exploration across mediums and materials. Sculpture, bookmaking, and ceramics are the processes she is most experienced with. Sam believes that art making is not always about the finished product but can be a healing and exploratory process in which meaning is generated through the act of making. She loves working with children for this reason and is always amazed at the inherent knowledge young people have when provided with the tools to be imaginative and confident. Sam is confident that her work as a Teaching Artist will be a rewarding adventure! Sam also loves reading, traveling by bicycle, and going on walks.


Declan Flynn is a mixed media artist and designer who recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He loves working with children because he is learning as much as he is teaching. He believes wholeheartedly that children have much to offer in showing us how to observe and create joyfully and freely. The genuine excitement and curiosity for the natural world and the tools of creativity is inspiring for any artist. This summer Declan worked at the Chicago Children's Theatre teaching art. Growing up in California, he spent 5 years working at Hope Musical Theatre Summer Camp. He greatly enjoys the opportunity to support children in discovering their own unique creative powers.

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Born and brought up in India, interdisciplinary artist Sana Jankharia is influenced by her experiences in India and Chicago, living with family and living alone, being a child and being grown. Using the form of games, performances, interactive installations and wearables, through various printmaking, fiber and sculpture processes, she attempts to create shared experiences in a time when there are uncertain limitations to it. Her need for play results in her need to work with children. Sana knows that children, with their boundless creativity and imagination, are going to teach her as much as she is going to teach them, and is enthusiastic to be a part of this exchange. While Sana’s art making and teaching is rooted in her own knowledge and experiences, it is only fruitful when it forms branches to those of everyone else. Sana received her BFA in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has also worked as a Teacher Assistant for two years in the Contemporary Practices Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lastly, Sana is a 3rd degree black belt in Karate, so the children are well protected!


Jackie Andres is a Chicago-based fiber artist and experimental filmmaker. Her work explores the tactile processes of both fiber and
analog film to address themes of cultural identity and the Asian American experience through repetitive processes and imagery. Her work includes short films, screen prints, photos, and quilts. As a recent graduate, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She absolutely loves spending time with kids and has experience teaching in non-profit organizations in Chicago and SAIC at Homan Square. Jackie has found a deep love for teaching in recent years, and hopes to continue teaching art to children for a long while, supporting them in this magical and imaginative environment! When Jackie is not in the classroom she’s usually cooking, making films, doodling at a coffee shop, or working as an editorial intern for an arts magazine.

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Sam Bias is a mixed media artist from Minneapolis. She is a fourth generation teacher with a passion for working with children. While teaching, she loves using imagination and exploration to help inspire a love of art and self-expression. She believes that art isn’t about perfection - what we learn from the process is almost, if not more, valuable than the outcome. Sam recently finished her BFA from Iowa State University after spending her last semester living in Rome. Her art practice includes an ever-growing variety of work from traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting and ceramics to experimental filmmaking and photography. Currently, she is exploring textiles and teaching herself to crochet. Through her art, she works to address various interdisciplinary sociopolitical factors of American culture such as gender politics and climate change, following her belief that art can also serve to challenge itself and audience, continuously asking questions. Along with her art practice, she has a strong foundation working in media such as public radio, podcasting, and music production. Aside from making art, Sam is also passionate about art history, music, gardening, and working with animals.


Kayla Macedo is a Mexican artist from Chicago finishing her last semester at Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Illustration. Her practice involves drawing digitally and traditionally, painting, jewelry making with clay and punch needling. She inspires those around her not only through her ambitious and playful energy, but through her creativity as well. She loves how inspiring working with children can be because of how mindful and curious they are of their surroundings. Kayla’s passions also include pasta, plants and reading! She is pleased to join By Discovery as a Teaching Assistant.

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With seven years of experience as a STEAM educator, Heath has a desire to inspire children to love learning. Committed to stoking curiosity and creativity, Heath has experience teaching in after school programs at Holmes, Longfellow, and Lincoln schools. He worked at Code Play Learn for 5 years as teacher and assistant manager. Heath has also worked with the Oak Park Arts District Summer Camp and has worked individually with children as a math & science tutor. 


When he isn’t teaching children, Heath loves reading and studying a diverse range of topics, including history, philosophy and science.  He also enjoys listening  to podcasts on current events, politics and history.


Heath joined By Discovery in 2021 and this year, in addition to pursuing his educational goals, we are thrilled to have him substitute with us!



Pamela Penney is a textile and mixed media artist who has enjoyed teaching children and adults for the past 25 years. Through the Oak Park Education Foundation, she has taught in the Art Start program for D97 schools and OPEF's Summer BASE Camp. Pam also sits on the Board for the Oak Park Art League and currently teaches adult and children's programs there. Prior to this, Pam had a studio gallery in the Oak Park Arts District and was the Director of the Arts District Kids Camp for many years. In addition, she taught after school art programs through the O.P. Park District. Pam raised two children who are now adults. She continues to enjoy the company of working creatively with kids, including substitute teaching for By Discovery, when she's not spinning and weaving in her studio or out walking her two dogs!

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